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Functional elastic webbing
Description:Produced by imported raw materials,with good elasticity,undeformed and highly breathable even pulled for many times,it can keep good appearance.This webbing can be used to knee-protector,waist-protector,apparel,leather shoes,hoods,LED head light,medical products etc..Our products include knitted elastic webbing,elastic webbing with fishing line,wide elastic webbing and so on.



Elastic Webbing
Over wide fish silk elastic webbing

Name:Over wide fish...

Material:Polyester silk and fish silk

Size:Width of 250 mm thick 1.8 mm

air silk face of elastic fish empty

Name:air silk face ...

Material:The high elastic imported rubber wire

Size:Width:52mm thickness:1.7mm

elastic webbing for sports protection

Name:elastic webbin...

Material:Polyester + deck

Size:Width:127mm thickness:1.9mm

fish silk elastic webbing

Name:fish silk elas...

Material:Nylon, polyester and fish as silk composition

Size:Width:100mm thickness:2.4mm

waist elastic webbing

Name:waist elastic ...

Material:Polyester + deck

Size:Wide 52 mm thick 1.8 mm

jacquard elastic webbing

Name:jacquard elast...

Material:Nylon, polyester, latex wire

Size:25 mm thick 3.0 mm wide

Over wide elasstic webbing

Name:Over wide elas...

Material:Nylon,rubber string

Size:Width of 305 mm thickness 1.3 mm

wide elastic webbing

Name:wide elastic w...


Size:Width of 308 mm thickness 1.3 mm

wide elastic webbing

Name:wide elastic w...


Size:Width of 247 mm thickness 1.9 mm

Bead grain wide elastic webbing

Name:Bead grain wid...


Size:Width of 97 mm thick 1.8 mm

high-elastic webbing

Name:high-elastic w...

Material:Nylon, polyester, latex wire, etc

Size:Width of 74 mm thick 2.4 mm

Polyester elastic webbing

Name:Polyester elas...

Material:High shells silk, polyester yarn

Size:Width:65mm thickness:2.55mm

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