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      Eco-friendly webbing
      Description:Using the recyclable and natural fiber as raw materials with Energy-saving and emission-reduction in the production process, such webbing is including PET, hemp,natural fiber cotton webbing, blend webbing and so on,which can be applied in the areas of baby products,medical equipment etc.

Eco-friendly webbing
oeko-tex standard 100 Eco webbing

Name:oeko-tex stand...


Size:Wide: 50 mm, thick: 1.8 mm

Green Eco webbing

Name:Green Eco webb...


Size:Wide: 19 mm, thick: 2.0 mm

Bamboo fiber webbing

Name:Bamboo fiber w...

Material:Bamboo fiber

Size:Wide: 20 mm, thick: 1.65 mm

Eco-friendly webbing

Name:Eco-friendly w...

Material:Eco material

Size:Wide: 25 mm, thick: 2.6 mm

Cotton webbing

Name:Cotton webbing


Size:Wide: 37 mm, thick: 2.65 mm

Natural fiber webbing

Name:Natural fiber ...


Size:Wide: 15 mm, thick: 2.25 mm

High quality cotton environmental webbing

Name:High quality c...


Size:Wide: 38 mm, thick: 3.1 mm

Cotton webbing

Name:Cotton webbing

Material:100% cotton

Size:Wide: 36 mm, thick: 2.75 mm

Eco cotton webbing

Name:Eco cotton web...


Size:Wide: 37 mm, thick: 1.8 mm

Biodegradable PP webbing

Name:Biodegradable ...

Material:Eco PP webbing

Size:Wide: 30 mm, thick: 1.85 mm

Circulating recycling webbing

Name:Circulating re...

Material:Eco material

Size:Wide: 24 mm, thick: 2.9 mm

High-quality Eco webbing

Name:High-quality E...


Size:Wide: 30 mm, thick: 1.9 mm

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