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Xiamen Jude Belt Co., Ltd.

ADD:4F, A3, Houxi Industrial District, Jimei Area, Xiamen, China
Tel: 86-592-6361588 / 6361058
Fax: 86-592-6361057

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About Us

       Xiamen Jude belt co.,ltd. is a professional company, specialized in the research , development and produce of high-end webbings. With 30 years experience in the webbing weaving, we have 20000 square meters' manufacturing base, more than 500 sets of loom, 6 assembly lines for dyeing. Our annual output could reach about 200 million yards.


We mainly produce nylon webbing, cotton webbing and  linen webbing. We devote ourselves to the development of functional and environmental webbing, to provide quality  webbing is our goal.


Firstly, we are a service-oriented company. And we have strict procedures and criteria during the executive of each step of the order, this have made our company more trustworthy. Super capacity storage of samples brings users new experience for our products.  We devote ourselves to provide value-added services to our customers.


Meanwhile, we lay stress on product development.  We not only produce functional webbing,  the recycled webbing, energy conservation  and environmental protection webbing, natural fiber webbing also falls within another important fields of our products.


Finally, We have an advantage for producing manufactured goods and processing products for the customer. We apply assembly line operation to the whole manufacturing process  from weaving to dyeing and sewing , it makes the cost controllable. We will offer more surprice for customers by continuously innovating our products.


We are looking forward to establishing longtern and reliable relationship with you!



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